Updated 04/22/06

On this site you will find some "serious stuff" . Now, I still have "playful" things here, but I want to use this wonderful medium to spread some information; specifically on Hepatitis and the "Paddling" of children. Check out my views on Corporal Punishment.

Are you one of those folks who thinks that people with diseases like Hepatitis and/or "Aids" must be "bad".......WRONG! I'm a pretty decent person, even if I do say so myself. Read my story and find out how I got Hepatitis B. I've written a "cathartic" story of my "trials and tribulations" to date.*Pick up a Hepatitis button or plaque for your web page!

SO, pull up a chair and a cup of whatever, sit back, relax, and jump in! There is plenty to do here. Have fun and learn something too! If you've been here recently, look for the site update in the upper left corner, then look for pages marked with a "*" they're either updated or new! I'm also doing my own backgrounds and graphics, which you'll find on my downloadable graphics sites.

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